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Mail Metrics Transactional Email

Transactional emails are all the emails your customer receives after a purchase. With Mail Metrics, you can define this e-commerce related email (a purchase, an order confirmation, a shipment status, the availability of a product, an invoice, etc.) and automatically deliver the message to the customer..

Benefits of using our transactional email
Mail Metrics will help you define and implement transactional emails that are most adapted to your target. Transactional emails release your sales force and keeps them focus on real added value tasks. Transactional email can also be used as extra source of revenue.

Transactional emails are vital for the customer. They are receiving information about the products they just bought and their attention is focused. This offers a lot of opportunities for up and cross selling in the email.

Our Scope of Action
We can implement different types of email based on different actions, such as:

  • Subscription related emails
  • Purchase, order confirmation related emails
  • Logistics and shipment related emails (with some specific processes: giftcards, svod, etc)
  • Invoice related emails

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