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Mobile CRM

Nowadays customers want to access information wherever they are. It is the same for companies who must provide their customers the services they are looking for wherever they are. The use of mobile phone numbers for marketing purposes is strictly regulated by law and best practice policies making it difficult to reach many potential customers. With Mobile CRM you can be sure that when a customer gives their cell phone number, they are genuinely interested in your products and/or services. Make your customers more loyal than ever before with Mobile CRM.

Benefits of Mobile CRM
Mobile CRM provides the same great benefits as our email marketing services, so you can be sure to reach your customers wherever they go.

Our scope of action
With Mail Metrics Datamart, get the right application for your mobile campaigns and build direct one-to-one personal communication channels with your customers. Mobile CRM offers an exciting new world of marketing opportunities and data collection while maintaining a close and personal relationship between the customer and your brand.

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