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Mail Metrics Email Marketing Automation
(Content Management System Software)

People are more likely to get, open and read your message depending on the day of the week or even the time. Automating your sends is very important to reach your target at the perfect moment. With Mail Metrics’ CMS software, you can choose the perfect time you want your message to be delivered based on the recipient’s behavior, action and your specific business. Mail Metrics’ expert team will define with you what the perfect moment is for you to send your message. It will increase efficiency and improve results of each email marketing campaign.

Another type of email marketing automation is very important to take into account, the emails sent after a specific action such as a subscription, purchase, delivery, etc. These automatic emails are very important because you don’t want to miss an opportunity to build a long term relationship with your customers.

Benefits of using our Email CMS Software
Increase your revenue with Email CMS Software by increasing your open, transformation rate, click through rate along with automated emailing action. Analyze your data with Mail Metrics to improve your email marketing campaign results.

It is important to differentiate that there is more than an emailing campaign that can require an automation process:

The ecommerce transactional email (billing, payment, etc.), releases your sales team from repetitive tasks and gives more sales force availability.

The non-ecommerce transactional emails such as lifecycle and relationship emails should be followed using auto-responders. Send a series of emails at different interval (welcome email, follow-up, etc). With our expert team, you will be able to define and implement your customized strategy.

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