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Mail Metrics Direct Marketing Solution

Direct Marketing allows companies to communicate directly with the customers through emails. It can track and evaluate customers’ direct action and responses. Mail Metrics helps to set up the right Direct Marketing Strategy to fit your objectives.

Benefits of using our direct marketing solution
Mail Metrics has more than 10 years of experience with coverage worldwide in diversified areas. Our team will assist you in your direct marketing strategy and propose tailored solutions based on your personal needs.

Direct marketing can be used by every type of company (boutique agencies, multi-nationals, etc.) with a controlled advertising budget and does not require high brand recognition. Our team will help you to manage the ultimate goal of a direct marketing campaign, getting an immediate and direct response from the recipient. This target is easily measured with emailing with cookies, tracking codes, etc. If you’re offering coupons, how many people used it? If it’s a sweepstake, how many people played? Get a positive and precise return on investment.

Mail Metrics Direct Marketing solution takes into account every step of your direct marketing campaign:
  • Game-Buzz-Factory is our online advertising agency that manages of your campaign strategy and creates the most attractive email for your target.
  • With Mail Metrics e-Delivery, customize the content of your message such as images or subject based on the segmentation of your database.
  • Plan your email delivery time and automate a daily, weekly, monthly delivery, or based on the recipient’s behavior and action.
  • Follow up the results in real time (opening rate, clicks and action) and get an instant view of your ROI.
  • Getting the best deliverability rate is our first goal. Your campaign will benefit from a continuous improvement to fit the requirements of the biggest email and anti-spam providers of the market.
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