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Mail Metrics Database Software

Manipulating your data in the right way is the key for a successful email marketing campaign. In order to do this, you need to track and easily access the information provided by your campaigns. With Mail Metrics’ Datamart, our database software, you will get a solution tailored to your needs and that will make your data easy to access, exploit and analyze.

Benefits of using our Database Software
With our Database Software, you get a simple way to store and exploit your whole data due to a structured and easy-to-use system. Be sure to get all the applications that you will need. Centralize all your marketing data for more efficiency and better monitoring in your targeted actions.

Our Scope of Action
Here are some of the applications you will need, they can be used together or separately and integrated into your company’s existing system:
- Get a reporting and analysis of your actions
- Store all or part of your data with a scalable solution

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